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We do our best to match the temperament and personality of the animals with individual and family needs. The 'suitability' factor is an important part of a successful animal/human match and helps to prevent animals going to the wrong homes

FOR ADOPTION: BRATSKY is anything but a brat! This a five year old male is possibly a Maine Coon cross and is a very laid back feline.
Bratsky had always lived as an exclusively indoor cat and would like to stay that way. He prefers to be warm and snuggly in the house over braving the elements outside! Bratsky isn't particularly playful, but he loves a good belly rub and will snuggle whenever you're up for it!
This lovely guy is very tolerant of children and toddlers. He is also more than willing to share his home with other cats and respectful dogs, or to have you all to himself. 
We would generally describe him as a "low maintenance" pet, however he will require a special food. He has had urinary crystals causing blockages in the past, and dietary changes are the key to prevent them from reoccurring. Other wise this quiet cat is easy to have around. 
Bratsky is neutered, treated for parasites, and vaccinated.
Bratsky would make a wonderful addition to most homes, whether they be busy or active, with large families or single owners, and with many other pets or first time pet owners. Could he fit into your life? Apply today.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 June 2017 21:48